Founded in the Rheinhessen village of Westhofen circa 1625, Groebe is a family-owned estate that cultivates 7 hectares of the best old core parcels in Westhofen. Located near the Rhine River, Groebe grows only the traditional varietals Riesling, Pinot Blanc, and Sylvaner. The family practices ecologically-safe farming and organic winemaking with a strict philosophy on producing high quality wines.

Winemaker: Friedrich Groebe

Aulerde riesling grosses gewächs 2006: 100% Riesling. The fruit is hand-selected from a single classified vineyard site, and therefore, production is limited. The wine undergoes a long, cool fermentation in oak and is then slowly aged in oak barrels to ensure terroir-driven wines at their best.

*Awarded 85 points by Wine Enthusiast

Westhofener dry riesling 2007: 100% Riesling.  The fruit is sourced from within the bounds of the village of Westhofen. The wine is fermented dry and with crisp acidity. It has structure and great aging potential. Barrel-aged in oak.

Groebe wines we feature:

  • Aulerde Riesling Grosses Gewachs, 2006
  • Westhofener Dry Riesling, 2007