J.Dumangin Fils

This Champagne house was founded in 1890 by Hippolyte Dumangin.  Located in Chigny-les-Roses, they are now on their 5th generation winemaker.

Brut Le Cuvée 17:  This cuvée made roughly of a third of each champagne grape (Meunier, Pinot Noir & Chardonnay) got its name from the tank where Jacky & Gilles Dumangin originally blended the the wine in. A balance in favor of younger wines, rather than reserve cuvées, a blending that create a fresh, fruity, young champagne that will make your parties more festive.

Extra brut premier cru:  Using the best of his non-vintage cuvées and a dosage liquor specifically aged in cask, he made a dry, perfectly balanced, Premier Cru champagne with 2g sugar per litre only.

Brut premier cru Le Rosé:  85% white champagne and 15% red wine blend(from the Dumangin family vineyards ). The white part (54% Chardonnay & 46% Pinot Noir) ensures a powerful structure and a remarkable finesse. The added 15% red wine from Pinot Meunier creates a fruity character & a delicate light salmon color.

Extra brut premier cru single vineyard blanc de blancs (2006):  Harvested at late maturity, carefully selected grape from only one vineyard at the exit of Chigny-les-Roses.   The Chardonnay is fully expressed in this complex and fine Champagne. Releases its extra-long finish with honey notes and a flowery bouquet.

J. Dumangin Fils wines we feature:

  • Brut NV 17 (375ml)
  • L’Extra Brut NV
  • Brut Rosé NV
  • Single Vineyard Blanc de Blancs, 2006
  • Vinothèque, 1994