Tesch has been a family-owned winery since 1723. Taking over from his father in 1996, Martin Tesch has made many pivotal changes. For example, in 2002, he stopped producing medium-dry and sweet Rieslings, changed label designs, and reduced their collection to five single-vineyard wines. The vineyards are located in Langenlonsheim, one of the oldest and largest wine-growing villages in the Nahe. It is five miles away from the Rhine River resulting in lovely and beneficial weather conditions, yet the vineyards are protected from harsh westerly winds by the surrounding hills.
Winemaker: Dr. Martin Tesch

Karthauser dry riesling, Nahe, 2010: 100% Riesling. South-easterly exposure. Red slate soil.

Konigsschild, 2012: To the south of the LOHRER BERG we find the calcareous limestone mixed with loess and river loam that form the KONIGSSCHILD. The roots of the old grape vines follow the seeping water as far as 15 m (50 ft) into the ground, helping to keep the soil loosely packed. The Rieslings grown here flaunt a bouquet of floral scents and a coy nature, especially in their youth. The flavors are soft, elegant, and refined. The vineyard’s name likely comes from its former ownership to the Imperial Palace in Ingelheim, the winter residence of Charlemagne.

St. Remigiusberg dry riesling Nahe, 2011, 2012: 100% Riesling. Southern exposure. Brown soil of volcanic origin.

Tesch Unplugged Riesling, 2012: 100% Riesling. Everything is done by hand. Great value is placed on environmental-friendly viticulture. The wine is not treated in any way – no must concentration, no chaptalisation. It is left to ferment for as long as necessary and when fermentation stops, it stops. The process is not interfered with in any way – no blending, no sweetening. The wine simply becomes what it is destined to be.

Tesch wines we feature:

  • Karthauser Dry Riesling, Nahe, 2010
  • Königsschild Dry Riesling, 2010
  • St. Remigiusberg Dry Riesling, Nahe, 2011, 2012
  • Tesch Unplugged Riesling, 2012